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Neutering, known as castration for males and spaying for females, is a very common procedure for household pets. There are a number of reasons for owners to have their pet neutered, such as:

  • Removing the risk of unwanted pregnancies and litters
  • Prevents a number of diseases in females, such as breast (mammary) or ovarian cancer and womb infections (pyometra)
  • Decreases chances of developing issues affecting the prostate and testicular cancer in males
  • Can reduce negative behaviours such as male aggression in dogs and stops male cats spraying to mark territory, roaming and fighting. If your male dog is showing signs of aggression it is recommened to have a behavioural assessment before deciding to castrate. 

The surgery itself is performed in our clinics and involves removing both testicles in male pets and removing the ovaries and uterus in females. Pets are given a general anaesthesia for the procedure and are provided with strong pain relief to ensure they are comfortable at all times. At Highfield we take great care to ensure both the health and comfort of your pet are looked after while undergoing the procedure. Fortunately, as the surgery is routine, your pet will only have to be a day-patient at our veterinary clinic and can return home to recuperate after the operation. This recovery period can range from a couple of days for male cats to two weeks for female dogs.

Getting Your Pet Neutered

Depending on the gender, species and size of your pet there are different guidelines for neutering. Small dogs and cats can be neutered as young as 6 months old whereas larger breed dogs need more time to grow and mature. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding the best time to neuter your pet, it is best to consult with one of our vets in plenty of time to determine what the best course of action is to get your pet neutered. After that, an appointment can be booked at our animal hospital to have the surgery performed in our sterile, custom-built operating theatres.

To find out more about getting your pet neutered you can get in touch with your nearest vet clinic.

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