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Palliative Services and Euthanasia - Highfield Veterinary Group


As your pet ages it may develop conditions which are uncurable or negatively impact quality of life. This means that the pet is coming towards the end of its life which can be a very difficult time for both pet and owner. During this time your pet will need greater care to make their final stages as comfortable and dignified as possible. 

Some pet palliative care approaches:

  • Creating a comfortable environment 
  • Medicinal treatments for pain relief
  • Appropriate exercise regime
  • Nutritional care
  • Physiotherapy

At Highfield Veterinary Clinics we want all animals to be as happy as they can be at all stages of their life and in the case of terminal illness we work with owners to create a pet palliative care plan. This may involve medication, such as pain killers or to relieve certain symptoms of disease, or simply how best to create a stress-free and relaxing environment for your pet. 


The situation may also arise where living on means your pet being unhappy and in pain, in which case we can discuss and perform euthanasia. It is a sad occasion for all involved and for us as well, and we are there to assist and guide you through every step of the process, always keeping your pet’s welfare as our number one priority. As medical professionals we can assure that putting your pet to sleep is painless and peaceful for them, as they are kept in a stress-free environment and won’t feel any pain or fear. 

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