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Surgery - Highfield Veterinary Group


While orthopaedic pet surgery is generally to solve mobility issues or help a pet’s recovery from road traffic or other accidents, soft tissue veterinary surgery is necessary to remediate a wide range of ailments affecting pets. These can include:

  • Oncological (removal of cancerous tumours) 
  • Ear and throat issues (incl. blocked airways, ear canals and laryngeal paralysis)
  • Gastrointestinal problems 
  • Urogenital (incl. urinary incontinence and prostate problems)
  • Skin grafting and wound care
  • Hernia surgery

Certain breeds of dogs may require special corrective surgeries for congenital conditions they suffer from, such as nasal resections for flat-faced dogs (e.g. pugs, bulldogs), skin resections to prevent infections and other issues for dogs with heavy skin folds (e.g. spaniels, basset hounds), and eyelid surgery to treat entropion.

Our Pet Surgery Facilities

We love pets and the best way to ensure they receive the care they deserve, is to invest in the best facilities and equipment, both in terms of medical capacity and animal comfort. Our pet hospitals are fully equipped with diagnostic equipment, including x-rays, ultrasounds and haematology machines, as well as areas that allow us to monitor and give optimal care to our pet patients. The segregated dog and cat wards also help to promote a calm environment, reducing stress and anxiety at this important time.

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