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Ultrasound - Highfield Veterinary Group


As a fully equipped veterinary clinic that deals with all types of pet ailments and emergencies, our ultrasound machines are a vital tool in helping to diagnose and monitor pet health. As pets can rarely clearly communicate their issues and invasive procedures to investigate possible medical issues can be highly stressful, an ultrasound provides a non-invasive opportunity for our vets to observe what is happening below skin level. 

What is a Pet Ultrasound

An ultrasound doesn’t use radiation like x-rays but rather high intensity soundwaves that bounce back to the machine and appear on our monitors. The process can be used to observe heart or other organ problems, abdominal issues, possible tumours and also to monitor your pet’s pregnancy. The pet generally won’t need sedation for the procedure and we keep our facilities as calm and relaxing as possible so for the animal it doesn’t appear as if anything out of the ordinary. Your pet will have to be shaved in the area where the machine will touch its skin so as to provide the clearest picture.

If one of our vets recommends further investigation of an issue through the use of an ultrasound you can book an appointment and be provided with full information about the procedure and be guided through the process by our team.

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