Meet the Team - Edenderry

Sophie Kirwan

Animal Care Assistant

I love all animals and I wouldn’t like to signal out any particular animal. I have an interest in small, exotic animals.

I have 4 Guinea Pigs, Biscuit, Bob, Bambi and Lily.

Donal O'Dwyer

Veterinary Surgeon

I specialise in small animals, however, I have two dogs at home. 


Sarah Boland BVSc PGCertSAM​

Clinical Director - Small Animal​

I have a keen interest in small animal internal medicine and geriatric care with special interest in arthritis management.

I have a dog, Bruno- a rescue collie cross, a pro footballer and an amateur tennis player.

My favourite celebrity animal has to be Scooby-Doo!

Laura Cooke RVN

Veterinary Nurse

I am interested in Anaesthesia management and surgical nursing.

I have a few pets; Doug is a yellow Lab puppy who comes to work with Laura and brightens up everyone’s day. Ted a 6 year old English pointer who I rescued. Two cats; Mushroom who is a rescue and Mini, as he looks like mushroom but smaller.

My favourite celebrity animal is Frankel.

Laura Meade RVN​

Veterinary Nurse

I am interested in geriatric care, weight loss management and “small fury” care.

I have a few pets. Dog called Bub who is very “Bold ” 4 year old Patterdale terrier and 5 cats- Peaky (the mum), Bold girl, Blackie, Crusty (foster kitten) and Dopey.

My favourite pet animal is Doug the Pug.


Paddy Jones MVB MRCVS ​

Veterinary Surgeon

I have a keen interest in small animal medicine and surgery.

I have three pets. George – Golden Retriever – 14 year gent.- Tom and Babes the two cats are George’s buddies

My favourite celeb animal is Simba from the lion king

Mark Duncan DVM, MRCVS

Mixed Large Animal Vet

I love working with all animals, I have a main interest in surgical procedures large or small.

I have a Cocker Spaniel called Tiger, he is eight-years-old and is jet black.

Michelle Taylor RVN

Veterinary Nurse

I am interested in client communication, practice administration and wildlife vet nursing.

​I have just one pet. He is new Jack Russell puppy who Michelle and Tracy saved by resuscitating him post a caesarean section. No name as yet!

My favourite celeb animal is Daffy Duck

Naas - Pet Clinic

Kerry Stewart Greene MVB

Veterinary Surgeon

I am interested in feline medicine and soft tissue surgery.

My dog Lola is 1 year old staffy/lurcher cross who loves the “Zoomies” And 2 cats Storm and Rogue – storm follows Kerry everywhere and rogue loves a good scratch.

My favourite celebrity animal is Winnie the Pooh.

Aisling Flynn MVB​

Veterinary Surgeon​

I am interested in surgery, in particular orthopaedics and animal behaviour.

I have one dog. Sandy is a 4 year old retired greyhound and loves to come into Naas to visit everyone.

My favourite celebrity animal is Marcel from Friends.

Michelle Murray

Head Nurse

I have a keen interest in surgical nursing and wound management.

I have two pets. Phoebe is a 7 year old Jack Russell who thinks she’s human and Tiger is a ‘feisty’ 18-year old cat that rules the roost.

My favourite celeb animal is Marie from Aristocats.

Aoife McGuinness RVN

Veterinary Nurse

I am very interested in Regenerative medicine e.g. Stem cells and Post op care. 

I have a little Jack Russell called casper who’s a little “round”.

My favourite pet animal is Simba.

Sharon Walshe


At Highfield, I focus mainly on client communication, admin and sales.

My dog Harry is a 5 year old Caviller King Charles who’s “French” nickname “Jabobeen”.

My favourite celebrity animal is Wally the Walrus. 

Naas - Farm Animals

Hazell Mullins BVM BVS

Clinical Director of Large Animal and Head of Communications

I am interested in Bovine Herd-health, new graduate mentorship and social media veterinary promotion.

My pets are Betty, a 5 year old retired greyhound who rules the roost and loves the beach, and Glen who is a blue merle collie obsessed with attention rather than the cows.

My favourite celebrity animal is Lassie.

Kevin McConnell MVB

Clinical Director

Highfield allows me to work in my areas of interest: large animal medicine and equine reproduction.

I live with Hunter, 7 year old cat who lives up his name and has a share in a “Promising” race horse “bundle of dreams”.

My favourite celebrity animal is Dawn Run.

Sean McMahon MVB

Mixed Animal Vet

My main area of interest is working with large animals and farm animal reproduction.

I am from a dairy farm in Co Limerick. I have two golden retrievers, Marley and Bella, they are 10 and 6 years old.

Peter Howard MVB

Large Animal Vet

I love working with all animals, but I preferable love working with sheep and cattle. I also have a great interest in working with backyard pigs and poultry.

I have pedigree Zwartbles sheep that I keep on my home farm in Co Limerick.

Maria Foy MVB

Senior Mixed Vet

I love all aspects of veterinary and working with all sizes of animals, with a particular interest in sheep.

I have a collie-cross springer called Jessie, she is nine-years-old. I am also from a suckler and sheep farm in Northern Ireland.

Peter Fagan MVB

Mixed Animal Vet

I have a great interest for cattle and horses. I also love working with the small animals also.

I come from a dairy farm in Co Westmeath. I am just starting off breeding pedigree Simmentials, and have a commercial suckler herd also.

Mark James

Poultry Advisor

I am interested in poultry health and hygiene.

My dog Luna is 2 year old “nutty” Weimaraner and Fudge is an 8 year old Rottweiler who would love to eat fudge all day. They are the best of buds.

My favourite celeb animal is Daffy Duck.

Shane Carroll

Area Sales Manager

My main area of interest is livestock production and performance, with focus on herd/flock health.

I come from a pedigree sheep farm in Co Kildare, where I also contract rear replacement dairy heifers.

Séan Parke

Sales Executive

My favourite thing about working with Highfield is meeting farmers and helping them improve performance and efficiency on their farms.

I come from a beef and sheep farm in Co Wicklow and I have a sheepdog called Max.