Meet the Team - Maynooth

Paddy Jones MVB MRCVS ​

Veterinary Surgeon

I have a keen interest in small animal medicine and surgery.

I have three pets. George – Golden Retriever – 14 year gent.- Tom and Babes the two cats are George’s buddies

My favourite celeb animal is Simba from the lion king

Mark Duncan DVM, MRCVS

Mixed Large Animal Vet

I love working with all animals, I have a main interest in surgical procedures large or small.

I have a Cocker Spaniel called Tiger, he is eight-years-old and is jet black.

Michelle Taylor RVN

Veterinary Nurse

I am interested in client communication, practice administration and wildlife vet nursing.

​I have just one pet. He is new Jack Russell puppy who Michelle and Tracy saved by resuscitating him post a caesarean section. No name as yet!

My favourite celeb animal is Daffy Duck

Niall Leavy DVM

Veterinary Surgeon​

I have been working in veterinary for 4 years. Favourite part of veterinary is dentistry, as it gives the animals relif from mouth pain and ultrasounds, I enjoy the process and discovering what is there and figuring out the best course of action to treat the pain. My favourtuet thing is the people I work with.   

I have a snake Charlie, he is a Royal Python, he is 15. I also have a Greek spur thighed tortoise called Hooch. She is 12.   

My favourite celebrity animal is Simba. 

Aoife McGuinness RVN

Veterinary Nurse

I am very interested in Regenerative medicine e.g. Stem cells and Post op care. 

I have a little Jack Russell called casper who’s a little “round”.

My favourite pet animal is Simba.