Our Services

Pet Health Checks

Prevention is always better than the cure. Regular check-ups are vital for your pet’s long-term good health and quality of life.

Neutering Services

Neutering, known as castration for males and spaying for females, is a very common procedure for household pets.


Our history of great animal care means we are certified microchip providers and can give you all the information you need about the process as well as performing the microchipping itself.

Routine Pet Care​

Our veterinary team are here to provide for all of your pet’s health needs, from vaccination, to a range of other day to day services.

Veterinary Dental Care

We recommend scheduling regular veterinary dental check-ups for your pet to catch any potential problems early.

Preventative Care

Knowing how to care for your pet is important. With the correct management plans, we aim to prevent viral, nutritional and parasitic conditions.


Pet vaccinations are essential, especially for young puppies and kittens, as they will help prevent a number of life-threatening infectious diseases.

Pain Management

While your pet’s life may not be in danger, some problems can cause them chronic pain and detract from the quality of life they enjoy.


Accidents happen and unfortunately pets can injure their joints and bones.


An ultrasound provides a non-invasive opportunity for our vets to observe what is happening below skin level.

Repeat Prescriptions

At Highfield Veterinary Clinics we try to ensure that every pet gets whatever they need to stay happy and healthy.

Pet Diet and Weight Management

Nutrition is vital for maintaining your pet’s good health. We can advise on how your pet can get the right nutrients and balanced diet.

Palliative Services and Euthanasia

This service aim is to provide greater care for your pet, to make their final stages as comfortable and dignified as possible.


Soft tissue veterinary surgery is necessary to remediate a wide range of ailments affecting pets.