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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU’s governing policy on personal data and how it is used by companies who receive it. There are strict regulations about user consent, what kind of data can be collected and how long it can be held for. It is common practice for a veterinary clinic to collect and hold information about all the animals we come in contact with, whether they are household pets or large animal herds. This data helps us to diagnose and treat animal health issues quicker and more successfully. Highfield Veterinary Clinics are in full compliance with GDPR and you can read more about our privacy and cookies policies on their respective pages. All data collected by Highfield Veterinary Clinics is held securely and deleted when no longer necessary for animal health. We can provide full details about what is collected and why in accordance with the stipulations of GDPR.

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Committed to exceptional veterinary care, Highfield Veterinary Group stands at the forefront of veterinary medicine, with a dedicated team of passionate vets and staff continuously enhancing their knowledge and skills to ensure the welfare of the animals.
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All exotic pets are to be booked into their local practice via phone call. Online Booking is not available for exotic pets.