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Pet Diet and Weight Management - Highfield Veterinary Group

Pet Diet and Weight Management

Pet Diet and Weight Management

Different species, breeds and ages require a diet that suits their particular needs. Throughout their lives there will likely be a change in the nutritional requirements of your pet. Talking to our excellent vet health team we can recommend the perfect diet for your pet, ensuring they get exactly the balance of nutrients they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Reasons why your pet needs diet and weight management

Nutrition is very important for maintaining your pet’s good health, with many common health issues arising from pets not getting the right nutrients or balance in their diet. These include issues such as:

    • Diabetes
    • Arthritis, brittle bones and joint disease
    • Heart disease
    • Skin and coat problems
    • Low energy
    • Kidney problems

Overweight and Obese Pets:

Weight is becoming a major health issue for pets for a number of reasons. Lifestyle changes or even sudden stresses or anxieties can cause weight gain in pets. In many cases pets are being given an excessive amount of food or are being fed a food that does not suit their nutritional requirements. We are getting more accustomed to seeing very overweight pets and therefore our own understanding of what is a healthy weight has become very blurred. As these changes can occur slowly, owners might not even realise their pet’s weight gain until it has already become a problem.

How a regular health check works​

Overweight or obese pets can develop health issues such as joint and heart problems due to excess strain. To tackle weight problems, your pet should be assessed at our vet clinic, where it will be weighed and put on a prescription diet and/or exercise regime. 

Regular checking in on your pet’s progress will allow us to tailor a specific plan to get your pet back to its fittest, healthiest and happiest.